Fairest Isle: A journal...Entry 1

We try not to miss an opportunity to program Henry Purcell's works on our season. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest is that Purcell had such a beautiful way with words, dance and music, both vocal and instrumental....so his works seem to be a perfect fit for us. We took a bit of a gamble when we first started out, and we undertook to produce Purcell's five major music theatre works in our first five seasons. We also commissioned James Rolfe and Andre Alexis to write a modern "response" to Dido and Aeneas and have performed that double-bill twice. We are regularly asked to take our Purcell productions to festivals and have partnered with the Elora Festival, Tafelmusik, the Exultate Chamber Singers and other organizations to work on Purcell shows. And in a couple of weeks, we are bringing an intimate concert presentation of some of the highlights from Purcell's short, intense career as a court composer, church musician and theatre composer. We're offering scenes from King Arthur, The Fairy Queen, Dido and Aeneas and The Indian Queen, as well as familiar songs, excerpts from birthday and St. Cecelia's Day odes and a dance suite, created especially for this show by our exceedingly talented dancer/choreographer Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière. The music has been distributed, script written, rehearsals planned almost down to the minute and I am overjoyed to be commencing this journey over the next two weeks...a journey that will culminate in what I know will be two very special evenings of music, theatre and dance. I will write more as things progress. I hope you can join us!
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