Fairest Isle: A Journal....Entry 3

It's been a wonderful week so far, and it's only Tuesday morning! We are rehearsing in the beautifully-renovated Citadel Studio of the Coleman-Lemieux dance company at Parliament and Dundas. That area is growing and changing rapidly. We had a great day on Sunday with all the singers and our crackerjack continuo players...lots of music to try, sort out and discuss. Everyone sounds wonderful...the two sopranos - Dawn and Michele - are a perfect match. Lawrence Wiliford is perfectly suited to this repertoire...he should be singing Purcell all over the world!! Our three newcomers - Scott Belluz, Charlie Davidson and Geoffrey Sirret all impress me with their powerful voices and high spirits. Yesterday, we had a dance rehearsal with the brilliant Marie-Nathalie and sorted out the script with Derek and Arlene. I'm particularly excited with the little costume bits that our designer Erika Connor is coming up with. They should greatly enhance the beauty of this repertoire. It's a feast of deeply moving, funny, woderfully strange and brilliant music from beginning to end. I look forward to more work today and, finally, to putting it all together with the full orchestra tomorrow. Very exciting!! I hope you're all planning to be with us this Friday and Saturday. I think it's going to be quite special.
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