Fairest Isle: A Journal....Entry 4

Just a quick note this morning to report on a great day of rehearsal yesterday. The studio was HOT...apparently there was a "hot yoga" class going on in the studio below and they jacked the heat up in the whole building. It did make things a little challenging at the beginning, but we managed and - when things had cooled down a little! - we had a very productive rehearsal. The orchestra - Kathleen Kajioka, Karen Moffatt, John Abberger, Gillian Howard, and continuo players Margaret, Lucas and Chris - are all exceptional players and are being very patient about all the different "exceprts" that we're playing. It's much easier, from an organizational point of view, to play one show, with one book, beginning to end. Shows like Fairest Isle, with excerpts from several shows, are trickier, but this one is coming together beautifully. So nice to hear the oboes, especially in the opening dance suite and "Welcome, glorious morn". John A.'s solo in the Indian Queen "God of Dreams" section is gorgeous.

In working our way through the show, last night, there were so many highlights. The picture that emerges is of a wildly talented and inventive composer who never stopped working.

Today we're in the theatre, setting light cues and spacing things with the singers, actors and Marie-Nathalie....and tomorrow's the big day: dress rehearsal in the afternoon and opening in the evening.

Looking forward to it immensely!!

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